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Volume #2 Issue #12 December 1998
N Scale Supply Web News & Announcements

Update to Consignment Policy: We have revised our consignment policy, at this time we will only accept Micro-Trains® cars one year after the release date.

N Scale Supply has attempted to provide accurate information within this newsletter. We cannot be held responsible for typographic errors, omissions, or other mistakes. Quantities may be limited, please call or email for availability. Prices may change without notice.

New Product Info & Web Pages for December 1998
Locomotives: 12/30/98 Micro-Trains: 12/28/98 Miscellaneous: 12/29/98
12/30/98 New Products: deLuxe innovations - 1944 AAR 40' Box Cars
Lehigh Valley
Chicago & Eastern Illinois
New Product: deLuxe innovations - Twin Tub Coal Gon
Burlington Northern & Santa Fe
12/29/98 New Products: deLuxe innovations - 100 Ton Woodchip Cars
Southern Pacific
Montana Rail Link
New Products: Atlas
ACF 60' Auto Parts Box Cars
New Products: Kato
ACF 70 Ton Covered Hoppers
12/27/98 New Product: Showcase Miniatures
1958 Motorcycle (Hawg)
12/23/98 Product
Ford F-150 Pickup Trucks Arriving in January
GSC Pulpwood Flat Cars Arriving in February
EMD SD60M Engines Arriving in February
12/21/98 New Products: Atlas
ALCO RS-1 Received First Shipment
New Products: Atlas
33,000 Gallon Tankers
New Products: Atlas
EMD SD-60 Diesels Just Received More
12/19/98 New Product: InterMountain
International Space Station Kit
New Product: MICRON ART
Branch Water Station Kit
New Product: Yesteryear Creations
Barbed Wire Fencing Kit
12/19/98 Product
EMD GP20's coming in March
12/17/98 Web Page: Polly Scale Paints
Color chips of Paints
12/15/98 New Product: Life-Like
PA/PB Second Run Arriving
12/02/98 New Product: Locomotive Quarterly
Fall 1998 Issue
New Products: Atlas
Suburban Passenger Station Kit
Passenger Station Platforms Kit
12/01/98 New Products: December Micro-Trains® Releases

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