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Chicago & Eastern Illinois
1944 40' AAR Box Car

Chicago & Eastern Illinois was a wishbone shaped class 1 railroad in Illinois. In the late 60's C&EI was acquired by Missouri Pacific who, by prior agreement, immediately sold the eastern half of the line to Louisville & Nashville (effectively pulling apart the wishbone). This deal gave both MP and L&N direct access to Chicago for the first time. C&EI remained a corporate entity under the MoPac buzz saw for many years after its acquisition. This rarely modeled paint scheme predates the familiar block letter version that would become prevelent in the late 50's, although cars in this scheme were in service into the post merger years.

A total of 3 unique road numbers are available by purchasing both packs.

Items Part # MSRP Price
Single Car DEI-14090 $13.25 sold out
2-Pack DEI-14090-2 $26.50 sold out

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