Volume #3 Issue #9

September 1999

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deLuxe innovations is preparing to launch their web site. For a preview click here.

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New Product Info & Web Pages for September 1999
2-Bay Covered Hopper
National Bureau of Standards

Gunderson Deep Rib Woodchip Car
Burlington Northern Restencil

1944 AAR 40' Box Car
Missouri Pacific Graffiti Cars

ACF 70 Ton Closed Side Covered Hoppers
Denver & Rio Grande Western
Seaboard Air Line
Southern Pacific

3-Bay Hoppers
Chicago Burlington & Quincy
Chicago Burlington & Quincy - C&S

The New RS-3's and RSD-4/5's have arrived at Atlas, they should arrive here in about two weeks.

09/25/99 M2FQ Publicatons
Light Iron Digest June/July
Yeah, I know I'm a little late with this one

09/23/99 Walthers Cornerstone
Al's Victory Service Station

Mercedes Sprinter Van with Head/Tail lights
VW Passat with Head/Tail lights
Chevy Pickup & '50 Buick
Mercedes Sprinter & VW Passat

Added pictures of Extended Vision Cabooses
Northern Pacific
Chicago Burlington & Quincy

700 Series Shinkansen Japanese Set

09/15/99 Grandt Line Products
The Reese Street Row Houses

09/14/99 The Hample N-Scale Collectors Resource Guide
Sept. 1999 Issue

Twin Tub Coal Gondola
Conrail / NYC

20' Corrugated Container

Deep Rib Wood Chip Gon w/High-Brake Wheel
Duluth & Northeastern

2-Bay Rib-Sided Covered Hoppers
The Rock
Santa Fe

ACF 70 Ton Closed Side Covered Hoppers
Erie Lackawanna
Milwaukee Road
Nickel Plate Road

ACF 70 Ton Closed Side Covered Hoppers
Taking Reservations for the following:
Denver & Rio Grande Western
Seaboard Air Line
Southern Pacific

Extended Vision Cabooses
Great Northern
Family Lines
Milwaukee Road
Chesapeake & Ohio

Double Door 60' Autoparts Box Cars
Canadian Pacific
Chessie System
Denver & Rio Grande Western
Grand Trunk Western
Norfolk & Western
Union Pacific

33,000 Gallon Tankers
Cal Gas
Cumberland Corp.
Virginian Petroleum

Updated the Trucks Page

Kaolin Tank Cars Arriving this fall
Dry Branch Kaolin
Dupont Tipure
ECC International
Freeport Kaolin
Thiele Kaolin

Model Railroad Scenery Made Easy

N Scale Model Railroading,
Getting Started in the Hobby, by Marty McGuirk

Gunderson Husky-Stack Car

50' Wood Side Express Reefer
Railway Express Agency - Back in Stock

09/01/99 InterMountain Railway Co.
ACF Type 27 Riveted 8,000 Gallon Tank Car
Hercules Powder Co.

InterMountain Railway Co.
4,750 Cu Ft Rib-Sided 3-Bay Covered Hopper
The Rock

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