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CA-3/CA-4 UP Cabooses

N Scale Supply Opinion:

This is a nice CA-x style caboose that was originally tooled by Golden West Models and sold as a kit in the late 1990's. The kit was not trivial and required some quality assembly skills. IMR has done a good job putting these together, but there have obviously been some learning experiences along the way. One recommendation I have is to replace the trucks. The stock trucks are assembled from various pieces rather than being a single casting like a Micro-Trains or Atlas truck. The end result is that the factory truck is likely to fall apart. If it does stay together, its not likely to roll very well.

Atlas makes a caboose truck ATL-22060
Micro-Trains caboose truck is the MTL-00302140
You don't need to do anything about the couplers as the Caboose comes factory equipped with body mounted Micro-Trains couplers.


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