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Twin Tub Gondolas

Coal is one of the most important and most plentiful commodities currently carried by American railroads. Thousands of tons move from clean coal fields in places like Sunset Canyon and Powder River Basin to industries across the country. Much of this low sulfur coal moves in unit trains of 100+ cars. In recent years, the railroads and power companies have moved from bottom dump steel cars to aluminum roll over cars. For a realistic coal load use the deLuxe innovtions DEI-L12-3 or DEI-L-12-10 coal loads (currently unavailable).

Coupler Conversion Info:
For Truck Replacement use either MTL-1035 Barber Roller Bearing trucks with short extention couplers.
For Body Mounting the cars are equiped with pads to accept MTL-1025 (or the assembled version, MTL-1023) or for a longer shank use the MTL-1027 couplers.

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