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Kansas City Power & Light
Twin Tub Coal Gondola
New: November 2002

Kansas City Power & Light operates a number of generating stations, each with its own separate fleet of coal gondolas. This paint scheme is used for the most recent batch of cars built for KCP&L's La Cygne Generating Station. Notice the round logo to the left of the road numbers. It depicts a swan with a lightening bolt, circled by the name of the station. These cars are black with red rotary coupler ends and silver ribs. The La Cygne logo is white, blue and black.

A total of 20 unique Road Numbers are available by purchasing the single, 3-pack, 6-pack and 10-pack.

Item MSRP Price Part #
Single Car $13.25 DEI-121901
3-Pack - unique numbers $39.75 DEI-121903
6-Pack - unique numbers $79.50 DEI-121906
10-Pack in
UnitPak Box - unique numbers
$132.50 DEI-121900
Coupler Conversion Info:
For Truck Replacement use either MTL-1035 Barber Roller Bearing trucks with short extention couplers.
For Body Mounting the cars are equiped with pads to accept MTL-1025 (or the assembled version, MTL-1023) or for a longer shank use the MTL-1027 couplers.

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