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City Public Service Board of San Antonio, TX
Twin Tub Coal Gondola

The City Public Service Board of San Antonio, Texas operates this fleet of coal gondolas from the Antelope and Cordero mines in Wyoming's Powder River Basin to San Antonio. On average, 53,000 car loads per year make this trip (enough to make SATX Cordero Mine's biggest single customer). That's between 9 and 10 trains per week of 108 cars each! For a realistic coal load use the deLuxe innovtions DEI-L12-3 or DEI-L-12-10 coal loads.

Coupler Conversion Info:
For Truck Replacement use either MTL-1035 Barber Roller Bearing trucks with short extention couplers.
For Body Mounting the cars are equiped with pads to accept MTL-1025 (or the assembled version, MTL-1023) or for a longer shank use the MTL-1027 couplers.
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