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Portland General Electric (PGEX)
Twin Tub Coal Gondola

DEI-121111 Shown above
Portland General Electric has a very large fleet of CoalPorters which ordinarily run from Wyoming's Powder River Basin to the Portland, Oregon area. The city also receives Hydro-Electric power so in years with high rain fall, large numbers of PGEX cars are leased to utilities in other parts of the country. Solid trains of PGEX cars have been sent to Texas and Illinois.

DEI-121121 Double Rotary Shown above
The cars with two red ends are called "douyrlbe rotaries" because both couplers will invert in their sockets. Most rotary dump trains are pulled with the colored end first because the locomotives do not have rotary couplers. Double rotary cars are used at the other end in cases where there is no return loop and the engines must run around the train for the return trip.

A total of 20 unique Road Numbers are available by purchasing the single, 3-pack, 6-pack and 10-pack.

Items Part # MSRP Price
Single Car DEI-121111 $11.95
Double Rotary DEI-121121 $18.95
Coupler Conversion Info:
For Truck Replacement use either MTL-1035 Barber Roller Bearing trucks with short extention couplers.
For Body Mounting the cars are equiped with pads to accept MTL-1025 (or the assembled version, MTL-1023) or for a longer shank use the MTL-1027 couplers.

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