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Brass Bridges
200' Brass Single Track Truss Bridge


DescriptionImageMSRPOur $ Part #
200' Brass Single Track Truss Bridge$325.00$289.00BLM-2002
Early Locomotive Cut Lever 1 Pair$4.50$3.60BLM-11
Modern EMD style "cut lever", Etched Metal, 1 pair$3.75$3.00BLM-13
Bulk pack of BLM-13 (5 pair)$10.50$8.40BLM-62
Modern GE Style Locomotive Cut Levers$5.00$4.00BLM-14
Modern style EMD sunshade, Etched Metal, 4 pieces$3.75$3.00BLM-16
Spartan style cab doors, Etched Metal, 2 pieces$3.50$2.80BLM-17
Grab Iron Drill Templates (4 Sizes)$5.50$4.40BLM-57
18" Straight Grab Irons (20)$7.95$6.36BLM-58
15" Grab Irons with drop, 20 pieces$7.95$6.36BLM-59
15" Straight Grab Irons , 20 pieces$7.95$6.36BLM-76
18" Drop Grab Iron 20 Pack
New: Aug 2005
Modern Rear View Mirrors (Regular & Small) $3.75$3.00BLM-65
Bulk pack Drop Grab Irons, 60 pieces$18.95$15.16BLM-67
Air Conditioner - Vapor$3.75$3.00BLM-70
Air Conditioner - Prime$3.75$3.00BLM-71
Removed Headlight Covers (5 Styles!)$4.95BACKORDEREDBLM-72
Angled Cab Sunshades$5.95 BLM-74
Frame Mounted Bell (etched metal)$4.25$3.40.BLM-75
15" Straight Grab Irons , 20 pieces$7.95$6.36BLM-76
Modern Grade Crossing - Rubber $8.95 BLM-77
Modern Grade Crossing Expander Set - Rubber$8.75$7.00BLM-78
Modern Grade Crossing - Concrete $8.95BACKORDEREDBLM-79
Modern Grade Crossing Expander Set - Concrete $8.75$7.00BLM-80
Removed AC Cover Plate (for removed AC units)$4.25$3.40BLM-91
Rear Fan Grab Iron - Round Style$4.95$3.96BLM-93
Rear Fan Grab Iron - V Style$6.50$5.20BLM-94
Windshield Wipers (3 styles!)
New:May 2005
Diesel Locomotive Safety (step) Lights
(40 per pack)

New:May 2005
Diesel Locomotive Hood Doors
New: Oct 2006
Remote Controlled Locomotive (RCL) Antenna Stands $7.25$5.80BLM-102
Modern RV Style Locomotive Air Conditioner (4 per pack) $4.95$3.96BLM-103
Carrier Reefer Units (2 per pack) $11.50$9.20BLM-106
Thermo King Reefer Units (2 per pack) $11.50$9.20BLM-107
N Carrier X2 Reefer Unit (2 per pack) $11.50$9.20BLM-108
Air Horns - Leslie S3L-R $8.95$7.16BLM-222
Air Horns - Nathan K5HR24$8.95$7.16BLM-224
Air Horns - Leslie S5T-R $8.95$7.16BLM-225
Air Horns - Leslie S5T$8.95$7.16BLM-226
Freight/Passenger Car Cut Levers
New:Oct 2006
ACI Plates, 5 Pair $11.50$9.20BLM-405
Modern Billboard - Dual Sides (Assembled)$41.95$33.56BLM-520
Concrete Segmental Bridge 'SET A' (Base & Segments)
Concrete Segmental Bridge 'SET B' Expander (Segments) $13.75$11.00BLM-591
Out House 2 Pack
New:Aug 2005
Modern Trackside Electronics Box - 2 per pack (Small)$15.75$12.60BLM-605
Modern Trackside Electronics Box - 2 per pack (Medium)$15.75$12.60BLM-606
Concrete Car Stop (24 per pack)
New:Sept 2007
Figures - People Mooning$14.75$11.80BLM-900
100-Ton Trucks w/Metal Wheels (1 pair)$8.95 BLM-9005
70-Ton Trucks w/Metal Wheels $8.95$7.16BLM-9025
70-Ton Friction Bearing Trucks W/ Metal Wheels$8.95$7.16BLM-9045


Model Features:

• Ready-To-Run
• Prototypical Pipe Assembly
• Simulated Metal Banding
• Color-Matched & Painted
• Modern Era Configuration

Each Pipe Load comes with a pre-assembled and banded pipe assembly. Furthermore, our loads were designed to fit BLMA Models PTTX flat cars