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200' Brass Single Track Truss Bridge
SILVER Part #BLM-2002 N Scale Supply Price: $289.00
BLACK Part #BLM-2003 N Scale Supply Price:

The Prototype:
Located on the Union Pacific mainline in Southern California, the prototype for this model dates back to 1938. Spanning a narrow section of the Mojave River that runs above ground, the massive 200-foot bridge is an important link in Union Pacific's LA&SL line that links Los Angeles, Salt Lake, and points further east.

Afton Canyon, home of this truss bridge (five total), is located between Los Angeles and Las Vegas on the LA&SL line as mentioned above. Near such railfan hot spots as Cajon Pass and Tehachapi Loop, Afton Canyon offers an unbelievable backdrop for Southern Californian rail fanning. If you're planning a rail fanning trip in Southern California, don't miss this spot (be advised that train traffic is sporadic at best, and exploring the canyon requires 4 wheel drive, a full tank of gas, water, and at least a full morning or afternoon).

The Model
Due to the demand of modelers all over the world, we are proud to announce this stunning bridge as a completely assembled, all-brass model. Painstakingly recreated by hand, this model features extremely accurate dimensions, rivet detail, and much, much more! Spanning a solid 200 scale feet, the scale model length is:

N Scale: 15"

This exquisite model is available in Black and Silver (#2002 is Silver/ #2003 is Black).

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