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Ergo Utility Knife
Part #XAC-3275 N Scale Supply Price: $7.20

Note: We have been using these in our shipping room. The knife is typical X-Acto sharp, cuts very well with little possibility of slipping. If I had to make one complainit about it, I have a very small hand and it is obviously designed for a larger hand.

  • Shaped to fit in the palm of the hand
  • Easy to change blades; no tools needed
  • Patented hinge design
  • Comes in three colors: chrome, plum, chartreuse
  • 2 replacement blades included
  • Blade can be turned to use as a scrapper

Hinged design opens easily without any tools. Storage for additional blades inside. Blade can also be installed rotated 90 degrees turning knife into a scrapper.

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