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SubTerrain System - Videos & Books

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The Scenery Manual (book)

The latest revision of the most popular scenery manual available. The Scenery Manual with spiral binding, has various tips, techniques, ideas and instructions for using more than 600 products. Anyone can make model scenery, and this manual will show you how. 144 pages. ©1994 and 2001 OCO

$14.99 $11.99 WSC-C1207

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The Complete Guide to Model Scenery l (book)

This manual is 200+ pages with full-color photos and illustrations, product information and step-by-step methods, as well as tips and techniques you will need to model realistic scenery.

The Complete Guide to Model Scenery (C1208) combines The Scenery Manual (C1207) and The SubTerrain Manual (ST1402) into one book, expanding the two original manuals to include more information.

$19.99 $15.99 WSC-C1208

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SubTerrain: Build A Layout Fast and Easy (DVD)

A step-by-step video that shows you how to build a model railroad layout using Woodland Scenics' revolutionary SubTerrain System, a lightwieght foam system. Approximately 58 minutes (also available in PAL and VHS format).

$24.98 $19.99 WSC-ST1400
Build A Display For Collectible Houses (DVD)

Create the magic through this step-by-step, detailed video. It teaches you how to build a display for your collectible houses in less than two days: the Woodland Scenics way. The video includes various tips, techniques, ideas and instructions for each product. These Woodland Scenics products are so simple to use that anyone can do it (also available in VHS format).

$19.98 $15.99 WSC-CH1055
Model Scenery Made Easy (DVD)

This video is a comprehensive, detailed account of scenery modeling. It was skillfully produced for every level of modeler. It will show you how to do scenery the easy way (also available in PAL and VHS format).

$9.99 $7.99 WSC-R973
The Clinic (DVD)

Watch the professionals demonstrate scenery techniques to a standing-room only crowd, at a recent National Model Railroad Association convention. In this video, you'll see first-hand just how easy it is to create the layout of your dreams. Approximately 75 minutes (also available in VHS and PAL format).

$9.99 $7.99 WSC-R970

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