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Learning Kits
These new value-packed Learning Kits are great tools to get new model railroaders started building a layout. Each kit teaches a different aspect of the Woodland Scenics' scerery system.

Complete Landscape Kit

This is an excellent landscape starter kit, which includes an assortment of our scenery products. You will receive eighteen white metal tree armatures, three packages of Foliage, seven tree stumps, two packages of Green Blend Blended Turf and three packages of accent colors of Fine Turf.

Part #WSC-S926
Retail Price: $59.99 N Scale Supply Price: $47.99
The Scenery Kit

Learn terrain and landscape modeling the easy way while you build this 10 x 18 - inch HO scale diorama. Included in the kit are complete instructions, plus the hardboard sides, Plaster Cloth, Rock Castings, Culvert, Lightweight Hydrocal, four colors of Earth Colors Liquid Pigment, Scenic Cement, Track-Bed, Hob-e-Tac Adhesive®, Ballast, track (HO scale, others can be substituted), five colors of Turf, two colors of Clump-Foliage*, three realistic Tree Armatures, Talus, Poly Fiber and Field Grass. Display an engine or piece of rolling stock on the finished diorama. Apply the techniques learned to your future models and layouts. Train not included.

Part #WSC-S927
Retail Price: $89.99 N Scale Supply Price: $71.99

Mountain Valley Scenery Kit®

Brings your train set to life!
Finish a 4x8-foot layout as shown
Use our track plan or yours
Add to your existing layout
The Mountain Valley Scenery Kit is great for modelers who have their track nailed on a 4x8-foot piece of plywood and would like to add scenery and build a tunnel. It is designed for HO scale, but easily adapts to N and O scales. It includes all materials, instructions and patterns needed to add trees, grass, weeds, rocks, mountains, a tunnel, ballast and more. Over 24 products are included...even paint and glue! Step-by-step instructions make this kit easy. Train set, track, buildings and vehicles not included.

Part #WSC-S928
Retail Price: $99.99 N Scale Supply Price: $79.99

Subterrain Scenery Kit Learn the five steps of the revolutionary SubTerrain Lightweight Layout System. Build this 12 x 24 - inch N scale diorama with no mess and no complicated calculations. You will create realistic terrain features with Plaster Cloth, rock castings and a tunnel portal. Then you will learn to make trees and landscape with various ground covers, Ballast, Talus and other scenery products. Train not included.
Part #WSC-S929
Retail Price: $99.99 N Scale Supply Price: $79.99
Part #WSC-LK951
Retail Price: $19.99 N Scale Supply Price: $15.99

Rock Faces Learning Kit: Use this learning kit to get started on casting, coloroing and mounting rock faces.

Roads & Pavement Learning Kit teaches modelers how to easily add roads and other paved areas to any layout.
You can use this Learning Kit on an existing layout or practice on a small piece of cardboard, wood, or Woodland Scenics Project Foam.
The instructions demonstrate the use of the materials on a 3 by 6-inch example. On an existing layout, a path should be cleared in the landscape for the road or pavement. There should be enough Paving Tape, Smooth-it and Asphalt Top Coat remaining to make another road without a sidewalk approximately 3 inches wide by 4 feet long. Road size will vary with the scale.
Part #WSC-LK952
Retail Price: $19.99 N Scale Supply Price: $15.99

Trees Learning Kit teaches modelers how easy it is to make and add trees to their layout.
Woodland Scenics offers a variety of easy-to-assemble trees ranging iin size from 3/4" tall to a towering 8". Once you finish this kit, you will have all the skills you need to model an entire forest.
Part #WSC-LK953
Retail Price: $19.99 N Scale Supply Price: $15.99

Landscaping Learning Kit teaches modelers to blend and texture the complete line of Woodland Scenics scenery products.
There is enough material included in this kit to landscape a 2x2-foot surface. You can use this Learning Kit on an existing layout or to practice on a piece of cardboard or wood.
Part #WSC-LK954
Retail Price: $19.99 N Scale Supply Price: $15.99

River / Waterfall Learning Kit Learn to create the illusion of water depth and make a river with a waterfall. Included is Earth Colors Liquid Pigments, Realistic Water, Water Effects, Talus, Plaster Cloth, Green Blend Blended Turf, Scenic Glue and an applicator.
Part #WSC-LK955
Retail Price: $19.99 N Scale Supply Price: $15.99

Scenery Details Learning Kit Learn simple techniques to create detail on any layout. Included is Dead Fall, Fine Turf, Bushes, Underbrush, Fine-Leaf Foliage, Field Grass, Flowering Foliage, Poly Fiber and Scenic Glue.
Part #WSC-LK956
Retail Price: $19.99 N Scale Supply Price: $15.99


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New: November 2003