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Built & Ready Buildings

These pre-assembled, hand-painted and fully-detailed N scale Built-&-Ready Structures are great for building cities, towns and villages. Each is individually molded with high architectural detail. It's the little things that count, and the added detail really makes the difference

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Image Part #
Harrison's Hardware WSC-BR4921
Fill'er Up & Fix'er WSC-BR4922
Corner Emporium WSC-BR4923
Clyde & Dale's Barrel Factory WSC-BR4924
Lubener's General Store WSC-BR4925
Granny's House WSC-BR4926
Chip's Ice House WSC BR-4927
Dansbury Depot WSC BR-4928
Drive 'n Dine WSC BR-4929
Municipal Building WSC BR-4930
J.W. Cobbler WSC BR-4931
Old Weathered Barn WSC BR-4932
Old Homestead WSC BR-4933
Firehouse WSC BR-4934
Ethyl's Gas & Service WSC BR-4935
Old Windmill WSC BR-4936
Windmill WSC BR-4937
Davenport Department Store WSC BR-4938
Home Sweet Home WSC BR-4939
Sully's Tavern WSC BR-4940
J. Frank's Grocery WSC BR-4941
The Depot WSC BR-4942
Dugan's Paint Store WSC BR-4943
Theater WSC BR-4944
Emilio's Italian Restaurant WSC BR-4945
Tin Shack WSC BR-4946
Work Shed WSC BR-4947
Wood Shack WSC BR-4948
H&H Feed Mill WSC BR-4949
Grillin' & Chillin' Trailer WSC BR-4950
Double Decker Trailer WSC BR-4951
Sunny Days Trailer WSC BR-4952
Letters, Parcels & Post WSC BR-4953
Rustic Water Tower WSC BR-4954
Rustic Cabin WSC BR-4955
Miss Molly's Diner WSC BR-4956
Records & Recruiting WSC BR-4957


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