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Practical Guide to Digital Command Control
Part # WRP-126

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New: March 2015

Just imagine your road engine and a local switcher working together to sort cars and make up a train at a busy industrial lead or small yard on your layout. Even more realistically, locomotives can be joined into consists or as helper engines, then cut out of the consist or train once the grade is topped, without having to touch them.

Lights can be turned on or off, horns blown, bells rung, switches thrown and other functions, all controlled from a single hand-held throttle. Railroad signaling, once seen only on the most advanced layouts, can now be easily implemented by any modeler. Plus computer interfacing is made much simpler. And all of this can be accomplished with off-the shelf components, no kits to put together and you don’t have to recruit an electrical engineer for your operating crew just to get it all working.

If you have ever wanted to explore the world of DCC, then you need The Practical Guide to Digital Command Control by Larry Puckett!