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70-ft Baggage Express cars

As construction techniques for carbuilding and track & roadbed improved, car capacity increased from 60-ft to 70-ft, nominally measured at 74 feet over the coupler faces or 70 feet between the end sills. These cars were used for carrying express packages, pre-sorted mail, and passenger luggage from the 1920s to the advent of Amtrak. In mail & express service (M&E), they were interlined with connecting railroads to provide seemless service

One could find CN cars on Grand Trunk Western trains rolling into Chicago's Dearborn Station. Texas & Pacific cars could be seen on their parent road Missouri Pacific, and on Southern Pacific trains west of El Paso to LAUPT. There is much photographic evidence of New York Central cars driving into LA by way of RI-SP, ATSF and UP. By the 1960's, railroads increasingly relied on M&E traffic to offset dwindling passenger ticket revenues. The express business in U.S. known as Railway Express Agency (REA) was the equivalent of today's UPS or FedEx. The REA provided express shipment and door-to-door service on trains using such cars as these and with a fleet of delivery trucks. REA's roots are partly in Wells Fargo & Co Stage Lines, which gave it's name to today's bank. The REA ended in bankruptcy in 1975.

Features: Extra fine details, crisp paint & printing, sliding baggage doors, nicely weighted for the runner, new adjustable draft gear and 6-wheel truck with 36" metal wheelsets, MT Couplers.

Multiple configurations: arched roof with Garland vents, arched roof with Utility vents, and clerestory; curve end trim and straight end trim, brake wheel or brake lever all as per prototype.

Description Road #
MSRP Our Price Part #
Denver Rio Grande & Western,
ex-DSL 1929 ACF -
typically seen in the DRG&W Prospector (Denver to Salt Lake - Ogden) and Royal Gorge (Grand Junction and Salt Lake) trains.
$43.99 WOT-206
Baltimore & Ohio,
Class B-18 ex-BR&P, clerestory roof - B&O heavyweight baggage cars were typically mixed with their rebuilt streamlined and lightweight consist.
$43.99 WOT-288
$43.99 WOT-289
$43.99 WOT-290
Canadian National,
Monogram logo, arched roof (steam era classic paint scheme). The tilted monogram logo was the standard for CN until Jan. 1954 where it was replaced by the Maple Leaf logo.
$43.99 WOT-291
$43.99 WOT-292
2 car set 8823, 8827
$83.99 WOT-293TS
Illinois Central,
Brown & Orange, Clerestory 1926 ACF
$43.99 WOT-294
$43.99 WOT-296
2 car set 791, 794
$83.99 WOT-296TS
Louisville & Nashville,
blue. These 74'-2" cars were built by Pressed Steel Car Co. and weighed in at 135,200 lbs.
1410, clerestory roof, single
$43.99 WOT-297
1481, arched roof, single
$43.99 WOT-298
2 car set 1476 arched & 1465 clerestory

$83.99 WOT-299TS
Arched Roof, 4-wheel truck, Prudue U colors: Gold-Black
$43.99 WOT-300
$43.99 WOT-301
Northern Pacific (1924 Pullman)
* new body style for these 1924 NP cars in comparison to previous.
$43.99 WOT-302
$43.99 WOT-303
2 car set 1582 & 1586
$83.99 WOT-304TS

Rock Island,
(1927-29 ACF), arched roof. These familar Chicago Rock Island & Pacific baggage-express cars were also used on joint trains with the Southern Pacific into the LAUPT.

$43.99 WOT-306
$43.99 WOT-307
2 car set 4126 & 4129
$83.99 WOT-308TS
The Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis, clerestory.
$43.99 WOT-311
Illinois Central MOW "Death Star", modern
$43.99 WOT-312