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Diesels of the Union Pacific 1934-1982 Vol.1

Don Strack

The first in a series of books that will give the railfan and modeler an encyclopedia of Union Pacific diesels. The reference book series for Union Pacific diesel and turbine fans! The most complete roster/pictorial books published to date, the first two-volume set covers builder's data and dispositions of each member of this western carrier's diesel-electric and turbine locomotive fleet during the 1934-1982 period, as well as a varied selection of photographs detailing each model.

From the early EMC E units and giant GE-built gas turbines to the varied EMD SD40-2 fleet that moved transcontinental freight into the 1980s, all are covered. The dust jacket features a specially commissoned painting by Gil Bennet.

SIZE AND SPECIFICATIONS: Hardcover, 8.5 x 11", 224 pages, 300 photos

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New: April 2006

The Revolutionary Diesel - EMC's FT
by Diesel Era

Following up on the success of its streamlined main line passenger diesels in the late 1930s, Electro-Motive Corp. challenged the century-long dominance of steam locomotives in freight service. The vehicle for this attack was a four-unit A-B-B-A demonstrator set of a new model, the FT. When it finished an 11-month, 83,064-mile-long tour over 20 railroads in 1939-1940, the contest was already over. Only the urgency of World War II traffic demands stood between the great steam fleet and the scrap yard.
This book details the units each railroad obtained, the differences between and the dispositon of the FTs.

132 pages, 250+ crisp color and black-and-white photos, 8.5" x 11" vertical format on 80# heavyweight stock, four-color cover, softbound

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New: October 2002