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Pullman Standard 72' Baggage Car

Truck sideframes and brake rigging are detailed

A six white LED lighting kit is sold separately.
The above piece installs face down and touches the electrical contacts shown below.

Here the lighting kit has been snapped into place. The roof will snap into this.

  • All New Tooling
  • Accumate Operating Couplers
  • All Detail Parts Added
  • Metal Wheelsets


Pullman-Standard 72' Baggage Car


Road Name Image MSRP Our $ Part #
LED Lighting Kit $15.98 WAL-933-1099
Corrugated, Skirted
$39.98 WAL-55090
Great Northern
$39.98 WAL-55091
Santa Fe
$39.98 WAL-55092
Chicago & North Western
$39.98 WAL-55093
Amtrak Phase 1
$39.98 WAL-55094
Southern Pacific
$39.98 WAL-55095
Northern Pacific
$39.98 WAL-55096
Pennsylvania Railroad
$39.98 WAL-55097
Denver & Rio Grande Western
$39.98 WAL-55098
Chesapeake & Ohio
$39.98 WAL-55099
Rock Island
$39.98 WAL-55100
Union Pacific
$39.98 WAL-55101
New York Central
$39.98 WAL-55102
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