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Walthers Cornerstone Series® Buildings

New Trackside Structures set

New Track Bumpers

DescriptionPictureMSRPPricePart #
Motorizing Kit
Trackside StructuresCream & Green34.98WAL-933-2603
Lt. Gray & Dr. GrayWAL-933-2604
Track BumpersYellow17.98$14.38
Dark Gray17.98$14.38WAL-933-2605
Golden Valley Depot - Cream & Railroad Green Cornerstone Series(R) Built-Ups
Sunrise Feed Mill
Announced: May 2006
Motorized 130' Turntable w/DCC$349.98$279.96WAL-933-2618
Interstate Fuel & Oil$31.98$25.59WAL-933-3200
Cornerstone Series(R) Water Street Freight Terminal -- 11 x 3-1/2" 27.5 x 8.7cm $34.98$27.98WAL-933-3201
Union City Roundhouse$49.98
120' Manual Turntable $39.98
Service Track Structures $24.98
Allied Rail Rebuilders $34.98
Red Wing Milling$41.98
Central Gas & Supply $31.98
Northern Light & Power Powerhouse$39.98
Brach's Candy Factory $25.98
Timber Trestle $32.98
Medusa Cement Company $31.98
North Island Refinery $37.98
RJ Frost Cold Storage $39.98
New River Mining Company$49.98$39.98WAL-933-3221
Mi-Jack Translift Intermodal Crane
Merchant's Row II
Available again: Oct 2005
ADM(R) Grain Elevator
Available again: Nov. 2005



Car Shop

Jim's Repair Shop
New: March 2004
Co-Op Storage Shed
New: December 2003
Back Ordered
George Roberts Printing Co. $39.98 $31.99WAL-933-3231
Hardwood Furniture Co.$39.98 $31.98WAL-933-3232
Vulcan Manufacturing Company$29.98$23.99WAL-933-3233
Walton & Sons Lumber Company$31.98 $25.58WAL-933-3235
Mountain Lumber Co. Sawmill $64.98 $51.98WAL-933-3236
Superior Paper Co. Paper Mill$99.98


Farmers Co-op Rural Grain Elevator $37.98$30.38WAL-933-3238

Sunrise Feed Mill
Clarkesville Depot$34.98$27.98
Glacier Gravel Co.$49.98 $39.98WAL-933-3241
Double Track Truss Bridge$31.98$25.58WAL-933-3242
Al's Victory Station$31.98$25.59WAL-933-3243
Ice House & Platform Kit$37.98$30.39WAL-933-3245
Goldenflame Fuel Co.$49.98$39.98WAL-933-3246
Western Coal Flood Loader$44.98 $35.98WAL-933-3247
Oil Pump - Walking Beam/"Horse Head"
$29.98 $23.98WAL-933-3248
Valley Growers Association
New: February 2003
Variety Printing Background Building$29.98WAL-933-3252
American Hardware Supply
New:Oct 2003
Union Station
New: December 2004
Butterfly-Style Station Platform Shelters
New: December 2004
Parkview Terrace Tenement
Brown & Light Grey

Modern Roundhouse - 3 Stal
Modern Roundhouse-Add On Stalls
Cornerstone Series(R) Modern Coaling Tower
Parkview Terrace Tenement
Tuscan & Dark Green
Cornerstone Series(R) Machine Shop
New: May 2006
Storage Tanks
Two-Stall 130' Brick Diesel House$59.98$47.98 WAL-933-3266
Truck and Railroad Docks
The Walthers Cornerstone Truck and Railroad Docks kit is an easy way to add modern loading dock doors to your N Scale layout's industrial structures. Each set includes modern roll-up doors and appropriate bellows-weather seals to replace loading doors on older buildings.
•Modernize any industry in minutes - great for kitbashing and customizing!
•Includes correct size doors and weather bellows/seals for four truck docks, two drive-through and two railcar loading dock doors
•Molded in two colors - matches parts in Walthers N Scale tip-up concrete structure kits
HVAC Units
Kit - 4 each of 2 Styles of Rooftop Air Conditioners
Modernize and superdetail a wide range of N Scale structure kits with the Cornerstone Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning HVAC Units kit. Perfect for roof- or ground-mounted units that are used on many industries, businesses and public buildings, these detail parts will add realism to your buildings and scenes. This HVAC Units kit includes parts for eight air conditioning units (four each of two styles). They're perfect for use with many Cornerstone N Scale industrial buildings.

•Fits layouts from the 1970s to the present
•Correct height truck and railcar loading docks with weather bellows-seals
•Customize buildings in in minutes
•Includes four each or two different styles of air conditioners
•Great for use with other Cornerstone N Scale building details.
•Molded in appropriate base color
Cornerstone Modulars(TM) -- Flat & Peaked Roofs w/Base
New: Jan 2006
Cornerstone Modulars(TM) -- Small Walls, Windows & Doors
New: Jan 2006
Cornerstone Modulars(TM) -- Large Walls & Windows
New: Jan 2006
Cornerstone Modulars(TM) -- Foundation & Loading Docks
New: Jan 2006

Cornerstone Modulars(TM) -- Wall Columns &Caps
New: Jan 2006

Cornerstone Modulars(TM) -- Walls w/Vehicle Doors
New: Feb 2006
Roof Details
Cornerstone Modulars(TM) -- Large Door Wall Section
New: Feb 2006

Cornerstone Modulars(TM) -- One Piece Smoke Stack 2 Pack
New: March 2006

Cornerstone Modulars(TM) -- Modernized Building Front
3-in-1 Building Set$41.98CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLEWAL-933-3297
Art Deco Highway Underpass
Van Dyke Farm Windmill
Santa Fe Depot
Santa Fe Freight House$37.98WAL-933-3804
Santa Fe Depot & Freight House Combo Kit$64.98WAL-933-3805
Electric Furnace
State Line Farm Supply
Heavy-Duty Overhead Crane
Gateman's Tower $39.98$31.98WAL-933-3811
Sanding Tower $35.98$28.78WAL-933-3813
Modern Water Tower Kit $24.98$19.98WAL-933-3814
City Water Tower Kit $34.98$27.98WAL-933-3815
Cinder Conveyor & Ash Pit$27.98$22.38WAL-933-3816
Pella Depot$49.98CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLEWAL-933-3818
Gas Storage Tank $59.98$47.99WAL-933-3819
Through Plate-Girder Bridge$27.98$22.38WAL-933-3820
Yard Office & Shed $57.98WAL-933-3822
Wood Coaling Tower$49.98$39.98WAL-933-3823
Classic Car Restoration$34.98WAL-933-3824
Railcar Restoration & Charter$44.98WAL-933-3825
Union Crane and Shovel$29.98$23.99WAL-933-3826
Grand Junction Depot $29.98WAL-933-3827
Interlocking Tower C-5$19.98WAL-933-3828
Rob's Roadhouse $24.98WAL-933-3829
Wooden Water Tank $19.98WAL-933-3830
Modern Water Tower Assembled$39.98$31.98WAL-933-3831
City Water Tower -- Assembled - Black$39.98$31.98WAL-933-3832
Vintage Water Tower$39.98$31.98
Industrial Offce$19.98CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLEWAL-933-3834
Hole-In-One Donut Shop$24.98$19.99WAL-933-3835
Diamond Coal Corporation$49.98$39.99WAL-933-3836
Metro Power & Light$59.98WAL-933-3837
Brick Ranch House$24.98$19.98WAL-933-3838
Cape Code House$24.98$19.99WAL-933-3839
Vintage Dairy Queen$29.99$23.99WAL-933-3845
Dairy Queen Grill & Chill $34.99$27.99WAL-933-3846
Merchant's Row I$39.99$31.99WAL-933-3850
Merchant's Row III$39.99$31.99WAL-933-3851
Prairie Co-Op Elevator$39.99$31.99WAL-933-3860
Central Beverage Distributors w/Office Annex -- Kit$44.98$35.98WAL-933-3861
Modern Concrete Warehouse$49.98$39.98WAL-933-3862
UPS(R) Hub with Customer Center-- Kit$69.98$55.98WAL-933-3863
Single-Track Arched Pratt Truss Bridge-- Kit$44.98$35.98WAL-933-3870
Urban Steel Overpass$29.98$23.99WAL-933-3871
Bridge Pier 2-Pack-- Kit$19.98$15.98WAL-933-3880
Bridge Abutment 2-Pack-- Kit$19.98$15.98WAL-933-3881
Urban Retaining Walls-- Kit$29.98$23.99WAL-933-3882
Modern Gas Station$49.98$39.99WAL-933-3885
Modern Parking Lot - 8 Sections$14.98$11.99WAL-933-3886
Modern Suburban Station$34.99$27.99WAL-933-3887
Two-Story Frame House$29.98$23.99WAL-933-3888
American Bungalow$39.98$31.99
Modern Shopping Center 1$39.98$31.99WAL-933-3891