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Modern Water Tower Kit
Cornerstone Series(R)

Part #WAL-933-3814


Perfect for Post-60s Towns * Realistic Weld Lines * Access Door & Overflow Pipe Details * Decal Signs Included

Standing tall above towns and villages across the continent, these landmarks have been part of the North American landscape since the 1960s. In use, water towers like this maintain a constant pressure in the underground supply pipelines during periods of peak demand. Most towns and many large industries have at least one.

Because they're usually the first thing visitors see, most have the village or business name on the side. Some are also adorned with the state, town slogan or logo, and occasionally, a big happy face.

The kit features a body with realistic weld lines, plus a service door entrance and overflow pipe at the base. Decals for different town names and more are also included.

Kit - 1-1/4" 3.2cm Diameter x 6-1/2" 16.5cm Tall

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