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American Hardware Supply

Tall buildings, busy streets and railroad spurs are the trademarks of bustling industrial districts, appealing to many model railroaders. Curtain-wall structures like the new, four-story American Hardware Supply are the perfect symbol of these areas.

Curtain-wall buildings--those that have brick "curtains" filling the spaces between reinforced concrete columns and floors--became common in the early 1900s. Sturdy and long-lived, these structures have housed everything from hardware companies and candy factories to warehouses and distribution centers.

The new American Hardware Supply kit adds a touch of style to N Scale industrial scenes. Arched fourth-story windows and ornate pilasters are just some of the architectural details that make it stand out among other businesses. Its elevator headhouse and rooftop water tank on a concrete support also add variety to layout and module rooflines. Like prototype factory buildings, the trackside wall of the structure is relatively plain and has smaller windows--ideal for adding the large billboard-style sign decals included with the kit. A loading dock for freight cars completes the rear wall.

The kit's design makes it easy to kitbash to fit layout or module scenes; it also allows kits to be readily combined. On the first floor, modelers can choose from loading doors, windows or solid brick panels to customize the ends of the building.

Measures Approximately: 5x3-1/2 x 4-1/8"

Part #WAL-933-3253
New: Oct 2003

Picture Courtesy of Walthers

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