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20 STAC-PAC Containers

Trainworx brings you the newly tooled Whitehead and Kales Stac-Pac containers in N scale. The prototype container is designed to carry three large General Motors luxury cars. Four of these containers would be loaded on a flat car.


Denver & Rio Grande Western
4 Road #'s

$10.95 TWX-42001

Union Pacific
4 Road #'s

$10.95 TWX-42007

Burlington Northern
4 Road #'s

$10.95 TWX-42011

Southern Pacific
6 Road #'s

$10.95 TWX-42029

Cotton Belt
4 Road #'s

$10.95 TWX-42029-7

The Milwaukee Road
4 Road #'s

$10.95 TWX-42034

4 Road #'s

$10.95 TWX-42035

Rock Island
4 Road #'s

$10.95 TWX-42043

2 Road #'s

$10.95 TWX-42085

4 Road #'s

$10.95 TWX-42054

4 Road #'s

$10.95 TWX-42062

4 Road #'s

$10.95 TWX-42070

Whitehead & Kales data only

$10.95 TWX-42099
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