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M3 - Three Function Micro Decoder
Part #TCS-M3 N Scale Supply price: $41.60
New: Janruary 2006

Electronic Specifications:
  • One-amp continuous motor drive
  • two-amp peak motor drive
  • Three 100 mA function outputs
  • Length: 0.570"
  • Width: 0.355"
  • Height: 0.132"
  • Auto detect allows operation on DCC only or DCC and DC power. TCS decoders are almost transparent on DC, making the engine act like a decoder isn't there.
  • Brake on DC allows you to control the lights while the train is in a DC block.
  • Adjustable Dimming
  • Quiet Drive is active at all times, which greatly reduces engine noise.
  • Dither provides rapid bursts of power to overcome resistance. You control both the power and frequency. See slow speeds unequalled in the industry.
  • Lighting Effects: Auto-reversing headlights, Blinking Ditch Lights, Mars, Gyra, Rotary Beacon, Single- and Double-Pulse Strobe, Opposite Dim, Flashing and Random
  • flicker. Rule 17 headlight dimming can be set to occur when stopped, opposite the direction of travel, or both. You always have manual control.
  • Button Control allows you to pick the control buttons of your choice.
  • Factory Reset lets you change most of your choices back to their factory default values if you get into a situation you don't like.
  • 128 speed steps are active when Mid volts, Top volts, Start volts or the user- loadable speed table is active for much smoother operation.
  • Primary 2-digit addressing or advanced 4-digit addressing may be used.
  • Consist Addressing has a Special Feature allowing you to automatically turn off any undesired lighting when you add the engine to a consist.
  • TCS decoders support all programming modes plus OPS mode ( on-track programming ) and meet NMRA DCC standards for compatibility.
  • NOTE: This is the replacement for the older TCS-M2.

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