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IMFP4 is a Four function N-scale drop-in for the Intermountain F3A/B units and the F7A/B units.
Part #TCS-IMFP4 N Scale Supply price: $41.60
New: March 2010

Electronic Specifications:
  • 1.0 amp Motor drive rating
  • Two amp peak load
  • Four 80mA function outputs
  • 0.47" X 0.179" X 2.158"
  Intermountain F3A/B units and the F7A/B units.


  • Back EMF Load Compensation for superior slow speed control even with heavy loads.
  • Quiet Drive creates SUPER QUIET engine performance.
  • Autodetect for realistic throttle response when using DC power.
  • Dimmed Brightness of bulbs or LEDs is adjustable.
  • Dither is the ultimate in DCC control thru the entire speed range.
  • Variable Momentum lets you make custom acceleration curves.
  • Factory Reset is faster and easier to reset to the default settings.
  • Brake on DC stops the train with deceleration when in a DC block, maintains lighting, then accelerates when DCC returns.
  • Mars, Gyra, Rotary Beaco n and Blinking Ditch Lights are adjustable.
  • Decoder Lock for programming same address decoders independently.
  • Button Control of the Motor Circuit: for a smoke unit, high speed switching, or a variable brightness light up to 1.2 amps
  • Function Remapping: 13 buttons for most lights, 7 buttons for operations.
  • OPS Mode Programming allows on the main track programming.
  • All Program Modes are supported allowing use with any controller.
  • Basic and Advanced Consisting for use with any controller.
  • 28 / 128 Speed Step Control operating at 256 speed steps.
  • Additional lighting features not listed above include Random Flicker, Single & Double Strobe, and Constant Dim light.

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