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Burlington Northern
ACF Center Flow 2-Bay Covered Hopper
New: April 2003

Cars are equipped with Atlas AccuMate trucks and couplers and fully assembled

A total of 5 unique road numbers are available and special pricing for buying all 5

Prototype Information

Owner: Burlington Northern
Type: ACF Center Flow 2-Bay Covered Hopper
AAR Designation: LO - C111
Capacity: 2,970 cubic foot capacity, 100 tons
Purpose: Cement haulers
Build Date: 10-81
Quantity Purchased by BN: 150 (in this number series)
BN Road Numbers: 435700 - 435849
Current Status: Many cars are still in operation. According to the 1999 ORER 118 cars were in operation.

Model Information

Manufacturer: InterMountain Railway Company
Announcement Date: August 2002
Date Product is Available: April 2003
Road #'s Produced: Five unique numbers
Trucks & Couplers: Atlas / AccuMate magnetic knuckle couplers
Packaging: InterMountain jewel box with molded plastic liner
Road #'s: 5 total - 435530, 435625, 435749, 435807, 435962
Weight: 7/8 ounce
Assembly?: Car is delivered assembled and ready-to-run
Part #: NSS-0209A

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