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The "Draper Traper"

Prototype Information
Powered by a V16 FDL 4000-horsepower prime mover, the main features of this distinctive design are the four-window North American cab, the cowl-style body and the famous ‘Draper Taper’ cutout behind the cabs (designed by CN’s Assistant Chief of Motive Power, William L. Draper to provide better reverse visibility on full-width cowl units). These great-looking locomotives always turn railfan heads in trains!

The Dash 8-40CM (also known as the C40-8M) was introduced in 1990 with an order of 30 units for Canadian National (2400-2429), classified EF-640a. This was followed by a further 25 units (2430-2454) in 1992, classified EF-640b.

Model Information
Features Include:
  • Accurately scaled from prototype blueprints – completely designed from new
  • Roadname-specific details including bell position, single or double rear headlights, with or without battery boxes behind cab, horns, tall or short sand fillers, CN or BCOL style ditch lights and more!
  • An insane level of underbody detail with air filters, many separate pipes and moulded traction motor cabling and air/control pipe runs.
  • Heavy, die-cast chassis with a powerful coreless motor and dual flywheels
  • Operational headlights and real lights with operational factory-installed ditch lights (plus rock lights on BCOL locomotives)
  • Separate grab irons and handrails installed at the factory
  • DC/Silent (Next18 DCC Ready) or DC/DCC/Sound (ESU LokSound) options
  • Accurate sounds recorded from a real General Electric Dash 8-40CM
  • Factory-installed couplers mounted at the correct height

Road Name Road # Picture Control MSRP OUR PRICE PART #
Canadian National (Stripes)
6 Road Numbers DC $149.00 $127.45 RAP-540001
ESU DC/DCC/Sound Loksound decoder
$259.95 $220.95 RAP-540501
Canadian National (North America)
5 Road Numbers DC $149.00 $127.45 RAP-540007
ESU DC/DCC/Sound Loksound decoder
$259.95 $220.95 RAP-540507
Canadian National (No Stripes)
3 Road Numbers DC $149.00 $127.45 RAP-540012
ESU DC/DCC/Sound Loksound decoder
$259.95 $220.95 RAP-540512
Canadian National (Website)
2 Road Numbers DC $149.00 $127.45 RAP-540015
ESU DC/DCC/Sound Loksound decoder
$259.95 $220.95 RAP-540515
British Columbia Railway (As Delivered) 5 Road Numbers DC $149.00 $127.45 RAP-540017
ESU DC/DCC/Sound Loksound decoder
$259.95 $220.95 RAP-540517
British Columbia Railway (CN Website) 4615 DC $149.00 $127.45 RAP-540026
ESU DC/DCC/Sound Loksound decoder
$259.95 $220.95 RAP-540526
British Columbia Railway (CN Website) 4618 DC $149.00 $127.45 RAP-540027
ESU DC/DCC/Sound Loksound decoder
$259.95 $220.95 RAP-540527
Quebec North Shore & Labrador 3 Road Numbers DC $149.00 $127.45 RAP-540028
ESU DC/DCC/Sound Loksound decoder
$259.95 $220.95 RAP-540528
Canadian National
NA DC $149.00 $127.45 RAP-540031
ESU DC/DCC/Sound Loksound decoder
$259.95 $220.95 RAP-540531
British Columbia Railway
NA DC $149.00 $127.45 RAP-540032
ESU DC/DCC/Sound Loksound decoder
$259.95 $220.95 RAP-540532