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Workin' On the Union Pacific (VHS Video)
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Pentrex is proud to present six rare Union Pacific publicity and training films that have never before been released to the general public! Produced by UP during the 1970s, these films are made available in cooperation with the Union Pacific Railroad Historical Society. Recorded on one cassette, the program includes:

"The Trainmaster: Man on the Move" (20 minutes): Travel throughout the UP system to experience the challenges Trainmasters face as they keep the railroad running smoothly. Visit California, Utah, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, and Nebraska.

"Wired for Safety" (6 minutes): This safety training film for railroad electricians includes glimpses of Centennial locomotive 6902 and E-unit 954.

"Careful, Carman!" (8 minutes): Safety for employees working on freight cars is the focus of this instructional film.

"Rails on the Move" (34 minutes): Follow the progress of a steel rail from its manufacture, through welding into strings, to the process of installing it in the field. Watch each machine perform its step in the rail-laying process. Ride on a welded rail train as it curves through the mountains on a Utah branch line.

"Track Team" (10 minutes): Produced to instruct track workers about safety procedures, this film covers the use of hand tools, power machinery, and motor cars.

"Freight Car Pit Stop" (16 minutes): Visit a mechanized car repair facility and learn how it performs maintenance to keep the freight car fleet on the road.

These classic films will give you rare insights into the Union Pacific Railroad of the 1970s. Enjoy a moment of railroading heritage with Workin’ on the Union Pacific!

95 Minutes
Beautiful Color with Sound and Narration
Packaged in cardboard slip case

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