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Product Line: Pre-Size

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All products are made of resin.

DescriptionImageMSRPOur $Part #
Single Timber Tunnel Portal$11.20$10.08PSZ-201
Double Timber Tunnel Portal$12.25$11.02PSZ-202
Single Random Stone Tunnel Portal$11.20$10.08PSZ-203
Double Random Stone Tunnel Portal$12.25$11.02PSZ-204
Single Cut Stone Tunnel Portal$11.20$10.08PSZ-205
Double Cut Stone Tunnel Portal$12.25$11.02PSZ-206
Timber Tunnel Abutment$12.25$11.02PSZ-207
Random Stone Tunnel Abutment$12.25$11.02PSZ-208
Cut Stone Tunnel Abutment$12.25$11.02
Timber Wall$12.25$11.02PSZ-210
Random Stone Retaining Wall$12.25$11.02PSZ-211
Cut Stone Retaining Wall$12.25$11.02PSZ-212
Single Concrete Tunnel Portal$11.20$10.08PSZ-213
Double Concrete Tunnel Portal$12.25$11.02PSZ-214
Concrete Tunnel Abutment$12.25$11.02PSZ-215
Concrete Wall$12.25$11.02PSZ-216
Cut Stone Wall$12.25$11.02PSZ-219
Plowed Field$12.25$11.02PSZ-230
Disked Field$12.25$11.02PSZ-231