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Part Number: QAJM0001  Price: $30.00  
Manuf. Part #:9686018212
Road Name:National Railroad of Mexico
Road Number:None
Model:Los días del vapor ("The Days of Steam")
Notes:First Edition 1994. By Emma Yanes Rizo. Hardcover w/ Dust Cover. National Museum of Mexican Railroads. Pages (est#): 231. This book is entirely written in Spanish! The water damage has minimal impact on the general appearance and usability of the book. The book appears to have been signed by the author with a personal note to a family member as a dedication of this copy of the book. An image of that note is included.
Condition:This book is entirely written in Spanish! Overall: Very Good w/ water damage; Dust cover: Very Good w/ minimal shelf wear; Cover: Good w/ water damage; Pages: Very Good w/ water damage. In spite of water damage this book is in very good condition. The water damage has stained the cover, and may be largely cleaned up. The pages show moisture but are generally flattened.
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