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Part Number: QMS6037  Price: $0.50  
Manufacturer:Arizona Rock
Manuf. Part #:1440
Road Name:None
Road Number:none
Model:Pigment Powder, White, 1 oz.
Packaging:Original Packaging, Package Appearance May Vary
Notes:All of the products in our POWER PIGMENT series can be used as a chalk or a rock stain. Use the white for creating lighter shades of these colors. Use small mixing bowls for your own palette of colors by experimenting with the different possible shades. Apply small amounts to your freight cars and structures with a toothpick and streak with a stiff brush. Work from the top down with light color and from the bottom up with dark colors. Liquid stains are made by mixing in with your wetting solution of white glue and water. They can be applied over any of our other rock colors that are were used for a base color
Condition:Appears to be new in package
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