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  Milwaukee Road (MILW) 
DescriptionYearPart #Image
Autorack - Enclosed - NAFTA scheme1980-85MSD-60-692
Box Car - 50'1960-85MSD-60-514
Box Car - Single Door - Outside Post - 50' -MSD-60-304
Diesel - E9A, E9B1960-70MSD-60-389
Diesel - SD40-2 - Bicentennial1976+MSD-60-1113
Flat Car - Center Beam Bulkhead MSD-60-437
Heavyweight Passenger CarsPost 1947MSD-60-1465
Passenger Cars1939-46MSD-60-1004
Yellow Boxcars-50' SIECO, 60' Berwick and 86' Thrall MSD-60-1427
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