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The True Sander
Produce Accurate
Square Cuts & Angles
Part #NWS-57-4 N Scale Supply Price:

True-up cutoff ends to perfect fit—A tool in the tradition
of THE CHOPPER that provides accurate,
quick finish sanding of end cuts on
wood or plastic parts for fine fit. The adjustable
angle guide allows you to accurately repeat any
angle for proper fit on mitred corners as well as
square cuts. Also included are pre-set 30, 45, and 60
degree mitre guides. Unlike some motor driven
sanding tools The True Sander gives you that delicate
touch needed for working with small parts.

Work area: 5” x 6” Sand block face heights: 1” &1.5”
Base: 7.5” x 8.5” Weight: 1 lb-0.8 oz.

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