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Blue Point Turnout Controller
Part #NRM-40018 Single N Scale Supply Price: $11.96
Part #NRM-40018-5 5 Pack N Scale Supply Price: $55.96
Part #NRM-40018-10 10 Pack N Scale Supply Price: $103.96
New: June 2006

The Blue Point Turnout Control is Designed to operate turnouts in scales from N through O. The electrical contacts are double pole, double throw (DPDT) rated at 5 amps, so they have plenty of capacity to power a frog or just about anything else you'll want to drive.

The picture below has two diagrams. The left diagram shows the numbering of the contacts, while the right diagram shows how these contacts are arranged electrically. When the switch is in one position, contact 5 is connected to contact 4, and contact 2 is connected to contact 1. Move the switch to the other position and now 5 is connected to 6 and 2 is connected to 3.

And finally, here is a typical wiring diagram for a powered frog found on DCC-friendly turnouts:

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