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Description Picture MSRP Our $ Part #
Passenger Shelter
0.75 Length x 1.094 Width x
$7.95 $6.36 NOR-30001
Storage Shed
1.375 Length x 2 Width x
$10.95 NOR-30002
Freight Depot
1.5 Length x 4.437 Width x
$24.95 NOR-30003
Motor Car Shed
1.437 Length x 1.562 Width x
$9.75 NOR-30004
Watch Tower
0.625 Length x 0.625 Width x
$9.75 NOR-30006
Yard Storage
1.562 Length x 4 Width x
$16.85 NOR-30008
Dairy Barn
2.25 Length x 4.125 Width x
$17.95 NOR-30009
Tool & Die Shop
2.187 Length x 3.75 Width x
$37.50 $30.00 NOR-30013
Railroad Covered Bridge
2 Length x 6.25 Width x
$39.95 $31.96 NOR-30014
Box & Crate Factory
Footprint" 2 3/4" X 4 7/8" This structure, designed for us by Dr. Ross Wezmar of Pennsylvania, is ideal on your layout wherever a small manufacturing plant is needed. 2.75 Length x 4.875 Width x
$41.85 NOR-30015
Feed & Grain Storage
7.75 Length x 2.5 Width x
$50.75 $40.60 NOR-30016
Valley Hardware & Plumbing Supply
This multi-purpose building has plastic windows and doors for ease of construction, and shingles. N scale.
2.4375 Length x 3.168 Width x
$41.75 $33.40 NOR-30017
Farm & Garden Supply
This kit contains all wood laser-cut parts, plastic windows and doors, paper roof shingles, chimneys, and a choice of signs. 5.125 Length x 2.685 Width x
$55.75 NOR-30018
Sheet Metal Shop
This kit features laser cut wood parts and windows, signs, paper shingles, plastic doors, two roof vents, and a smoke jack.
4.8 Length x 2.1 Width x
$41.85 NOR-30019
Cobble Creek Transfer Station
Kit contains all wood parts including doors and windows, paper roof shingles, signs, and a smokejack.
4 Length x 1.75 Width x
$25.50 NOR-30020
First National Bank & Trust Co
This kit contains all wood laser-cut parts, including windows and doors, paper roof shingles, a chimney, and signs. Now in stock. 4 Length x 1.75 Width x
$25.50 $20.40 NOR-30021
Barnsboro Station
The newest STS kit contains laser-cut wood parts, including doors, plastic windows, a roof vent, chimney, smoke jack, and paper roof shingles. Available after Feb. 1. Advance reservations accepted. 5.4 Length x 2.25 Width x 3 Height
$48.45 $38.76 NOR-30022
Springfield Fire Station
This fire station has room for two engines (not included) and features an outside staircase with a jig for easy assembly and a hose tower. Plastic windows and doors, paper shingles, laser-cut engine doors, a chimney, flags, and sign included. Available June 2005. 3.185 Length x 3 Width x
$50.75 $40.60 NOR-30023
Old-Fashioned General Store
N Footprint: 3" x 4 7/8" Every layout needs a store like this, an old-fashioned general store where you could buy everything and anything you needed. All laser-cut wood parts, plus signs and paper roof shingles. Number code 30024.
$50.75 $40.60 NOR-30024
Yard Office
N footprint 1 1/2" X 2 1/2" approximately. All laser-cut wood parts, including stairways, pre-assembled shingles cut to size for the roof. Number code 30025.
$25.50 $20.40 NOR-30025
Angelo's Place
N footprint 2 1/4" X 2 3/8" approximately. A small neighborhood-type restaurant; laser-cut wood parts, pre-assembled shingles for the roof, awnings and signs included. Number code 30026.
$29.15 $23.32 NOR-30026
The Cheese Factory
"Footprint" approx. 3 1/8" x 4 1/2". Our newest laser-cut kit is now in stock! It features our tab and slot construction technique and includes a choice of signs, chimney, smoke jack, roof ventilators and our laser-cut pre-assembled shingles. Windows and doors are plastic, for ease of construction. This kit was produced from plans originally published in Railroad Model Craftsman and used with their permission.
$48.35 NOR-30027
House Under Construction
N footprint: 1 1/2" X 3 1/4" approximately. This half constructed house should find a place on your layout. Although it looks "stick built", all the sections are laser-cut and go together without any cutting. Assorted ladders are also included.
$38.50 $30.80 NOR-30028
Outbuildings - 3 Structures
3 Structures N Footprints: Bldg. A 1" X 1 1/16" Bldg. B 1 3/16" X 2 3/16" Bldg. C 1 5/8" X 2 3/16" Three samll multi-purpose buildings that can be placed in various locations on your layout.
$36.95 NOR-30030

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