Volume #3 Issue #3 March 1999
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Shipping Rate Changes: Every year in February UPS raises their rates. UPS has also decided to collect an additional $1.00 for a large number of residential addresses. They already charge $1.00 for any residential delivery, now they want $2.00 for a large portion of these as well. This year has also seen an increase from the US Postal Service as well. Our shipping charges have been increased to account for this as well. I have lowered the packiing fee for small orders to compensate for some of this. Our new rates go into effect on March 25th. Please check our Shipping Information page for details.
Newsletter Format Change: Please note that I have changed the format of this newsletter page slightly. In the past this page contained the latest 30-60 days of product releases and news. Now it only contains the current months information, but has a link at the bottom to lasts months Newsletter Page. At the bottom of last months page is a link to the previous month. This forms a continuous link of pages back in time. So to get caught up on product news and releases you can just scan backwards through the chain of pages until you hit familiar ground.
N Scale Supply has attempted to provide accurate information within this newsletter. We cannot be held responsible for typographic errors, omissions, or other mistakes. Quantities may be limited, please call or email for availability. Prices may change without notice.
New Product Info & Web Pages for March 1999
03/27/99 Product Announcement: SD-50's to arrive in June
03/25/99 New Products: EMD GP20's have arrived
03/24/99 New Products: GSC Pulpwood Flat Cars
03/20/99 New Product: Trains on Location Video: The Colorado Joint Line
New Products: Ford F-150 Trucks
03/17/99 New Products: ALCO RSC-2's
03/12/99 New Product: 50' Express Reefer Set
03/11/99 Product
InterMountain Railway Co.
8,000 Gallon Tanker - Wolf's Head Oil
4750 Cu. Ft. Covered Hopper - Burlington Northern
03/10/99 New Product: Gulf Gas Station Brass Kit
03/05/99 New Products: March Micro-Trains® Releases

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