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Volume #2 Issue #3 March 4, 1998

New Products this month and arriving soon

Life-Life SW9/1200's Second Run Arriving Soon

We were informed on March 3rd that the SW9/1200's have been shipped from Life-Like to us. These are expected to sell as well as the first run which we are nearly out of in only three months. Please check the selection of New Road Names. Our price is $39.00 or with Micro-Train couplers installed for $42.00.We will be installing the new Micro-Trains® Reverse Draft Angle coupler on these.

More Kato PA News

We have just received the part numbers and configurations of the Kato PA's expected in May. Check out the Kato PA Page for more information.

Goodbye to the Kato Mikado

As of this time we can only get one of the Great Northern road names, all other Mikados have disappeared in the distributor channel. This engine has impressed a lot of people, we only hope that Kato will grace us with another Steamer soon.

Atlas Kaolin Tankers

At one time we had some Kaolin Tankers, but they are already gone. It appears Atlas did not expect them to sell as well as they did. We have heard they are preparing to do another run of the Kaolins. As we hear more information we will keep you updated.

Atlas 33,000 Gallon Tankers

Atlas has announced their next new car, a 33,000 Gallon Tanker. Price has not been announced yet, but Road Names and Numbers have. These are supposed to arrive in March sometime. Taking reservations at this time.

Advertising this Month

You may have seen the April Issue of Model Railroader or the March / April issue of N Scale Magazine. Our ad's this month feature pictures taken by one of our customers, Bob Russell of his Orange Belt Lines. Bob has been an N Scale Supply customer since we opened and has continued to be a very active supporter of our shop. Thanks go to Bob for all his effort and support and to Harold Riley for introducing us to Bob.

NMRA/N-Trak Convention in Kansas City

At this time we are planning on attending the NMRA/N-Trak Convention July 20-26 in Kansas City. We are a little late reserving our booth to be in the National Train Show, if we can get one we will be there. It will probably mean we will close the shop during that week. I would appreciate hearing your comments and thoughts on attending the Convention (and being closed that week).

International Shipping Policy

Many of you reading this are also participants on the Stanford N Scale Email List run by William Barr. Lately there has been a lively discussion about company's refusing to do business with International customers. N Scale Supply would like to state that we gladly accept International Orders. We will ship to Canada and elsewhere using US Air Parcel Post. We will charge the shipping cost plus a $2.00 handling fee. This fee is to cover the additional packaging and paperwork required for this type of shipping. The US Postal Service has a rate calculator on their web site at www.usps.gov. If you have any questions about this please don't hesitate to ask us.

Neat Product of the Month: Micro-Trains® 1015-16 Reverse Draft Angle Coupler

We have added a selection of products:
Kato UniTrack - We have a large selection of the UniTrack product line in stock. We will be addiing these to our web site soon.

Email to sales@nscalesupply.com

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