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Volume #2 Issue #1 January 1, 1998

New Products this month and arriving soon

Digitrax Orders

It appears that Digitrax has been swamped the last few months with orders. They have fallen behind on production again and orders are taking eight plus weeks to process. While I am glad to see that DCC is getting a strong foot-hold in the market and that Digitrax is doing well, it still makes it tough for us consumers. At this time we have been told our next order will be shipped from Digitrax by the middle of next week, about January 7th. If you have a backorder for Digitrax products please bear with us a little longer. As soon as we receive our next shipment we will fill all orders possible as quickly as we can. Thanks for your patience.

New Product Lines

We have added the full N Scale product line of the following:
Miller Engineering Micro Structures
Nu Comp Miniatures - Line of cast resin Mobile Homes and vehicles
Period Miniatures
Showcase Miniatures

We have added a selection of products by:

Excel - Hobby Knives and Tools


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