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Volume #1 Issue #2 December 7, 1997

New Products this month and arriving soon

Gift Certificates

We would also like to announce that we are starting to sell N Scale Supply gift certificates. Gift certificates may be purchased and redeemed year round. Instead of selling the gift certificates in the traditional set dollar values we will let you specify the dollar amount you wish to purchase.

Gift Ideas

Another way to take care of year round gift giving and receiving is our gift registry. The recipient, choosing items that he/she would like to receive, may set up a gift registry for any occasion at any time during the year. It is best to choose Items in several price categories since everyone will have a different amount they are prepared to spend on gifts.

New Product Lines

We have added the full N Scale product line of the following:
JV Models

We have added a selection of products by:
Model Power

Jaeger Part #: JAE-2

Jaeger Part #: JAE-4

Email to sales@nscalesupply.com

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