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N Scale Railroading
Magazine Issue #030
July / August 2005

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6   Welcome Aboard
8   New Arrivals
38   Great Shots
By Kirk Reddie
Rob Reitan's Horse Creek &
Pacific Railroad
58   NSR Horizons
60   NSR Calendar
61   Ad Index
62   Observations
By Kent Williams
18   How Accurate Is Your Freight Car Fleet?
By Brian Morgan
Research tips to help you develop a realistic freight car fleet.
The D&S Division of the BNSF Ry.
By Denis Mueller
NSR cameras visit this Southeastern empire, loaded with action in an Appalachian setting.
40   Pipestone Pass
By Marc Sisk
NTRAK modules provide nice operations and photogenic scenes
46   Modifying a Kato Unitrack Single Truss Bridge.
By Russell Straw
Convert your through-truss bridge to an arch chord style in several easy steps.
49   Observations on Prototype Modeling
By George Hollwedel
Comments and a contest.
50   A Creative Layout Extension
By John Socha-Leialoha
A removable branchline and covered staging for cleanliness.
52   Virginia "Battleship" Gondolas
By Richard C. Thomason
Convert common four bay hoppers into unique VGN heavy duty coal gondolas.
55   Build a Fleet of New Haven NE6 Cabooses
By Bryan Busséy
Bryan shows how to improve Atlas' new NE6 caboose to match New Haven specs and color schemes.

On the cover:
Bridgeport bustles with activity on
Denis Mueller’s D&S Division.
Please turn to page 28 for full
coverage of his empire.
Photo by Kirk Reddie.


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