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Magazine Issue #006

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A Primer: N Scale Narrow Gauge
by Ted Brandon

Ted provides guidance on the array of narrow gauge products and features some kitbashed and scratchbuilt efforts in this intriguing aspect of model railing in N scale.
Modeling Chessie ACF 2 Bay Hoppers
by Bernie Kempinski
Bernie shows us how he modified an older Atlas ACF cement hopper to current levels of detail.
Shelby's Landing
by John Parkinson
A split scene layout in only 10 square feet.
A "Boriing" Article
by Tom Knapp
Make a drill for piercing thick foam.
Great Shots!
Scenes from Bob Russell's California empire.
Michael Moormann's Sogn Valley Railroad
by Tom Krumpelmann and Gene Suter

A tribute to the late Michael Moormann's beautiful southern Minnesota based freelanced steam era shortline railroad.
Add Structural Frosting to Your Urban Buildings
by F.M. "Zaphod" Ney
Building laser cut wood billboards
SMaking the Scene with RTV
by Art Fahie
Art shares his techniques for easy scenery detail castings.
Union Pacific Rolling Stock 1953-1955
Modeling by Dean Dickerhoof
A look at Dean's rolling stock for his 1950s UP railroad.
Chicago's Grand Central Station
by Burkhard Leo
This is really good!
NAction - Southern Alberta Rail
Back Talk - by Kirk Reddie Inspiration
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