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An Introduction to North American N Scale
by Kirk Reddie

The purpose of this book is to introduce more people to N Scale model railroading. It features scenes from a number of very good N Scale model railroaders from across North America. Collectively they show what can be done in N Scale. 81 pages, soft cover.

NOTE: I took this book home and read through it. The photos spread throughout this book are inspiring, whether you are just beginning or an experienced modeler. By looking at some of the better N Scale layouts you can get a sense of what is possible with N Scale. Makes you want to go down in the basement and work on the layout....Scott

Table of Contents
Welcome John Walter's Sassamat Division of the Canadian National
Belmont Shore
Rick Spano ONe Trak (NTrak Lite)
Bill & Wayne Reid NGallery: ONe Trak Modules
N Gallery Photographs Jim Blattau's 1947 Layout
Jim FitzGerald One Trak's Concept
Ted Brandon Hydrocal Plus Hardshell Scenery
Bernie Smith Styrofoam Scenery Base
Denver Area N Scale Club Rock Molds
Marshall Thomson Basic Trees
What is Scale? What is Gauge? Roy Cutler's Engineered Scenery
Tools SF&LA: N Scale in 4'x8'
Safety Monde Tehachapi
Types of Track Prototype Reference Material
Kansas City Union Station What's the Deal With Brass?
Track Installation Kirks Major N Scale Design Ideals
Second City Central/Layout on a Door Glossary
Basic Electricity Russell Straw's "Sugarland, Texas" NTrak Modules
Locomotives John Whitlock Jr's. Gilpin Central
N Scale Couplers & Flanges Bob Batson's "Texas Central"
Simple Freight Car Customizing Roy Cutler's Olympic Northern
N Scale Vehicles - Toys & Scale Jake Schultz
NTrak: Big Time Railroading in N Scale N Gallery: Rolling Stock
N Gallery: NTrak Bob Russell's Orange Belt Lines
The NTrak Store (Brief) Brian Morgan's Selkirk Division of the Burlington Northern
N Gallery: NTrak
Ken Wolfe's Railroad Bill Denton's Milwaukee Road Kingsbury Branch
N Gallery Photographs Just Who Are These N Scalers?
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