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Presidental Series


Presidential Series: We have been asked by many customers how to get all the cars and if we will be offering a club for this.
N Scale Supply has two options for you:
#1 - We can supply each car as it is released and charge and ship it to you automatically.
#2 - To avoid having multiple shipping charges we can send them in batches every few months. You decide how frequently to get the cars. If you decide to get the cars every three cars here is how it will work. We will charge you IN ADVANCE for three cars plus one shipping charge (3 cars x $TBA + $6.95 = $). Then as the cars arrive we will hold them until we have three and ship them.
If you want to join the
US Navy Series please email us at sales@nscalesupply.com with your preferences.


US Navy SeriesCar #ImageList $Our $Part #

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