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Locomotive Conversion Kits

Old Part # DescriptionPicture MSRP PricePart #
MTL-1113 AHM: 0-6-0T Saddle Tank Switcher
Life-Like: 0-6-0T Side Tank Switcher
Model Power: PMI FP-45 Diesel
$7.55$6.80MTL-001 30 005
MTL-1110 AHM: FA-1 (powered)
Atlas: GP-40
Con-Cor: EF-70 or SD-45
Life-Like: GP-40 or SD-45
Model Power: RSD-15 or Century 420
MRC: Alco C-420 or RSD-15
$7.55$6.80MTL-001 30 004
MTL-1049 Arnold: S2 Switcher
Atlas: GP9, GP30, F9A, E7A (powered), or Davenport & Saddle Tank 0-6-0 Switchers
Con-Cor: U-50 or Gas Turbine w/o Tender, Frontrunners
Minitrix: Fairbanks Morse H-12-44
Rivarossi (formerly Atlas): GP7, GP9, GP30, FP9A, FA-2, GG-1, or FA-1 (powered)
$7.55$6.80MTL-001 30 003
MTL-1114 Atlas, Con-Cor & Rivarossi Hvy. Wt. Pass. Cars
Model Power: PMI FP-45 Diesel
$7.55$6.80MTL-001 30 006
MTL-1107Atlas: EMD E-8 Diesel$7.55$6.80MTL-001 32 000
MTL-1109Atlas: EMD SD-45 or Alco RSC-2
Con-Cor :Alco 636
MRC: Alco FA-1 or FA-2
$7.55$6.80MTL-001 30 008
MTL-1108Atlas: Fairbanks Morse Diesel$7.55$6.80MTL-001 32 010
MTL-1104Atlas: Industrial Diesel Switcher
Minitrix: Decapod 2-10-0 (tender Only), U30 CG Diesel, GE U-28
$7.55$6.80MTL-001 30 009
MTL-1112Atlas: Plymouth WTD Diesel Switcher$7.55$6.80MTL-001 32 020
MTL-1115Bachmann: EMD F9 'A' or 'B' unit (older style w/ metal gear box)$7.55$6.80MTL-001 33 000
MTL-1131 Bachmann: F-7'A' and 'B' units, (converts one 'A' & one 'B' or two 'B' units) $8.20 $7.38MTL-001 33 020
MTL-1048Con-Cor (Rowa, Rivarossi): 2-8-8-2
Importex International (Bemo): 2-8-8-2
MRC: 2-8-8-2 Mallet
$8.35$7.52MTL-001 30 002
MTL-1101 Con-Cor PA-1 (powered) $7.55$6.80MTL-001 35 000
MTL-1102 Con-Cor PB-1 (powered)$7.55$6.80MTL-001 35 010
MTL-1111 Con-Cor: SW 1500 Cow or Calf (early models, powered or unpowered)
Dimi-Trains: SW 1500 Cow or Calf (early models, powered or unpowered)
Atlas: Body mounted caboose (T-box)
$7.55$6.80MTL-001 30 007
MTL-1046For MRC: 2-8-4 Berkshire$12.80$11.52MTL-001 47 000
MTL-2000-1Kato E8, E9, PA-1, F3, & F7 Diesel Loco A-Units, both front and rear couplers.
This kit contains: Two preassembled pair #2001 short shank couplers for pilot conversion and two #1128 couplers for rear conversion
(B-Units typically take the MTL-1128)
$9.20$8.28MTl 001 41 050
MTL-2000 Kato E8, E9, PA-1, F3, & F7 Diesel Loco A-Units, both front and rear couplers (B-Units take 1128)$8.50$7.65MTL 001 41 040
MTL-2002 Kato USRA 2-8-2 Mikado and Tender$9.20$8.28MTL-001 41 060
MTL-1105Minitrix: 0-6-0T Donkey$7.55$6.80MTL-001 44 010
MTL-1103Minitrix: EMD F-9 (powered),Con-Cor E7-A, E8-A Powered$7.55$6.80MTL-001 44 000
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