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The MTL Modular Binder System

04/16/03 Micro-Trains has discontinued the Coupler Conversion Guide. This information is now posted on their web site at http://www.micro-trainsline.com/
The All New MTL Modular Binder System Combines the best of Micro-Trains® Publications into one easy-to-use system!
  • New larger format MTL Ring Binder
  • New user-friendly horizontal format
  • New modular format makes updates easy
  • Infinitely adjustable and expandable

SECTION ONE – GENERAL INFORMATION The introduction begins with our Company Profile, and includes info on The Magne-Matic® Coupler System, Tools and Accessories, and a Glossary of modeling terms.

SECTION TWO - COUPLER CONVERSION GUIDE Everything you need to know about the Magne-Matic® Coupler Conversion System, this newly formatted Guide has been expanded to include Magne-Matic® information for both N and Z scales – plus – a new section on N scale brass! You get complete tables, charts, and instructions for virtually every known coupler conversion possible.

SECTION THREE – CAR BODY STYLES & PARTS GUIDE Now published with a full color photo example of each Micro-Trains® N Scale Body Style, this section also features exploded views of each individual body style, along with a complete listing of replacement parts and part numbers. It will bring you up to date with photos and drawings of our latest offerings.

MTL Binder System 2001 Supplement

This first supplement to the MTL Binder System includes conversion information for nine locomotives and two cars, and data sheets on four new freight car body styles.

Micro-Trains® Conversion Information for...

• 7 Diesel Locomotives
• 2 Steam Locomotives
• 1 Freight Car
• 1 Passenger Car

Data Sheets for...
• 110000 Tank Car
• 106200 Gondola
• 40000 Box Car
• 73000 Box Car

MTL 3-Ring Binder now availble separately....

Since the release of the Modular Binder System there has been a growing demand for the MTL Binder as a stand alone product. Now you can get just the binder to store your Short-LineTM, specialized coupler conversion and rolling stock information, model railroading records, and more.

  • Micro-Trains® Labeling
  • Plastic Page Lifter
  • Heavy Duty Vinyl
  • 1½" D-Rings
Modular Binder System Part #MTL-99500001 Discontinued
MTL 2001 Supplement Part #MTL-99502001 Discontinued
3-Ring Binder Part #MTL-99503000 Discontinued
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