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Sugarland Peppermint
Company Train Set
Part #MTL-993 21 130 N Scale Supply Price: SOLD OUT

Nestled in the hills just south of the North Pole the Sugarland Peppermint Company railroad is busy harvesting all sorts of peppermint
products from the peppermint forest! Decorated forest green, this Christmas train set features a powered 4-4-0 steam engine
and tender*, a log car hauling cut peppermint beams, a gondola with peppermint chips, a box car with various peppermint products
and a wood-sheathed caboose. Look closely and you’ll see Micro-Mouse is ready for another special Christmas delivery!
* Steam Engine is a Model Power model decorated by Micro-Trains
and equipped with Magne-Matic® couplers.
* N scale set shown for representation only.

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