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Special Edition N Scale Train Set

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Expected to arrive September 2004
Micro-Trains® announces the coming release of the Special Edition, N Scale, ‘Micro-Brewery' Train Set. Celebrating railroad folklore, the fictitious ‘Indian Valley Brewery’ train set delivers a cool refreshing brew during a perfect afternoon in ‘Indian Valley.’ This set features three MTL 59000 reefer cars, decorated teal with black roof tops, bearing the colorful lettering and logos of 3 special brews;

‘Black Hole’ Stout
- This legendary dark beer offers a taste that is as refreshing a the “Light at the end of the Tunnel”

‘Pusher’ Porter’ - Providing the “Extra push in your Pint"

‘Bob Tail Ale’ - Looking for lighter brew? You can “Switch to it”

Set also includes a GP20 Locomotive, and a MTL 100000 steel side caboose both decorated black and teal with yellow, purple lettering and bearing the ‘Indian Valley Brewery’ herald.
Collector's N Scale Set Part #MTL-99200010 N Scale Supply Price: $151.96
(MSRP: $189.99)
Announced: March 2004 for September Delivery
Orders due by April 30th to ensure delivery.
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