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Micro-Trains® #92102-2
2 Bay ACF Center Flow® Covered Hopper
C&NW 2-Pack

The Chicago & North Western Railway was created through the merger of a number of frontier railroads. The first railroad built west of Chicago, it pulled the first freight car filled with wheat into the city that would one day become the nation’s railroad capital. These two Center Flow® hoppers are always seen together in groups assigned to Commoditrain service all over North America - even today. Micro-Trains® Line has issued this two car set, developed in conjunction with the Chicago & North Western Historical Society, to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the start of the C&NW Railway

Micro-Trains® #92090
Road # CNW 175586

#175586 is from a 100 car fleet built by American Car and Foundry May 1976 at the Huntington, West Virginia plant. This order of 2 bay Center Flows® were painted gray with black lettering on sides and ends. The 1973 ‘Employee Owned’ herald is black and white.

Micro-Trains® #92100
Road # CNW 967066

Built by American Car and Foundry at the Huntington, West Virginia plant August 1966, #96706 was originally painted gray. After the road became employee owned in 1973, it was painted dark green with yellow lettering at the Clinton, Iowa shop in February 1978.

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