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Burlington Northern "Atlanta" Road # BNAU 686002
48' Container
Part #MTL-81710 N Scale Supply Price: $21.32
New: June 2004
Container is manufactured by deLuxe innovations
Decorated by Micro-Trains Line Co.

This 48' Stoughton container built in 1991 is part of BN's Intermodal promotional program and in 1996 was painted with the bright "Cityview" 4-color mural celebrating Atlanta, "Site of the 1996 Olympics". In 1988 the Burlington Northern initiated the brilliant BN Intermodal promotional program, applying "City Paint" schemes to special trailers and containers. There were originally ten (10) different city scenes and one (1) state (Montana) worn by the trailers. The BN Intermodal containers depicted a total of 4 cities. The two from the USA are Atlanta and Omaha and the two from Canada are Toronto and Montreal.

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