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Colorado & Northwestern Road # C&N 1024
30' Box Car w/Single Door
Part #MTL-800 00 080 N Scale Supply Price:
Reprint: April 2008
This 30’ box car with single door is painted box car red with white lettering and runs on brown Barber Coleman archbar trucks. It was built about 1900 by Barney & Smith Car Company of Dayton, OH. Two events—the monetary panic of 1893 and a devastating flood in 1894—caused the Union Pacific to decide not to rebuild its Greeley, Salt Lake & Pacific Railroad (GSL&P), which connected Boulder with the precious metal mines in the mountains west of the city. However, the mining and smelting industry was far from dead; so some Eastern Capitalists formed a new company, the Colorado & Northwestern Railway (incorporated in 1897), which would replace the GSL&P, and then extend the tracks to Ward and Endora. The C&N attained instant notoriety when it purchased the very first (narrowgauge) Climax-type three truck locomotive, and the only such engine in Colorado.

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