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Detroit, Toledo & Ironton
Road #DTI X717
50' Wagon Top Box Car w/Double Doors

Part #MTL-79040 N Scale Supply Price: $13.00
New Release Date: June 2000

Picture courtesy of Micro-Trains®

This 50' wagon top box car with double doors was equipped with 50-ton capacity coil-elliptic trucks. It sported a black roof with yellow lettering on its DT&I green sides and ends. Built in October 1937, it was a workhorse for DT&I, surviving into the ’80s in company service. When the DT&I was formed, in May 1905, from the bankrupt railroads, its mainline ran from Detroit, MI to Ironton, OH. After several other ownership changes over the decades, including Henry Ford, the railroad was ultimately purchased by Grand Trunk Western in June 1980.

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